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Carl is a Reading Recovery teacher who has created a website that is crowded with printable ideas that will appeal to your students. From activities for learning the alphabet to compound words, teacher tips to book lists, centers to interventions, there are a ton of ideas that can be used without additional work on your part.

Along with other help on phonemic awareness, this site includes interactive practice that students can do online in the form of a game, as well as printouts that teachers and/or parents can use with children in the early stages of reading. Skills include rhyming, categorizing words, making oral predictions, counting syllables, and many others.


Literacy Workstations - A 3rd grade teacher shares her ideas for using literacy workstations in her classroom. Included are the workstation rotation charts, the workstations themselves, organization and management idea, along with printables and other resources.


Mandy Gregory's page on "How to Reading Strategies". After checking out this great page, click on the link at the bottom of the page to go to her Homepage, where you'll find many other ideas that she has used in her 2nd and 4th grade classrooms. There are ideas for Writer's Workshop, Guided Reading, Centers, and many others.

Juvenile Series and Sequels


The 'Juvenile Series and Sequels' database currently contains over 24,500 books in series titles that are classified into three audiences from birth to 12th grade.


Word Study is a spelling and phonics program developed at the University of Virginia. Through word sorts, comparing and contrasting words, students learn to improve their spelling. Included are many, many word sorts already created for you. Just download and teach.



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